Picture Source: ainhoap
and Animal Photos!

1. Cardboard boxes

Cats are a lot like toddlers in that you can spend a lot of coin on a brand-name cat toy and they still prefer the box it came in. A lot of scratching paraphernalia for cats is made from corrugated cardboard because they love the material so much.

2. Bottle Caps

This also ranks on the list of Top 10 Objects You Don’t Want to Step On in the Middle of the Night. Cats LOVE batting these around the kitchen floor!

3. Electrical Cords

Everyone who has seen the cat from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation go up in smoke after chewing on the Christmas lights knows the dangers of this one. Tape your wires to the floor or wall to make them less appealing to furry paws.

4. Plastic bags

Cats are sharply divided on this issue. It seems that your cat will either love plastic bags or will fear them like car rides. My cat loves them. As soon as I bring home the groceries, she crawls in the bags to “hide.” Before I get hate mail about this, let me say that I never let her play with plastic bags unsupervised, and when not in use, we lock them in the pantry.

5. Computer Keyboards

My cat does things with my laptop I don’t even know how to do. The last two times she tap-danced on my keyboard, she tried to download software and save the webpage as a file. People say they’re only attracted to the heat from the computer. I think they’re plotting world domination.

6. Houseplants (fake and real)

When you come home to overturned Christmas trees and potting soil in your carpet, don’t bother scolding the cat. To them, it was worth it.

7. Freshly folded laundry

ahhh…soft…warm…clean…free of cat hair…but not for long…

8. Projects that take up floor/table space

Do you have an unfinished 1,000 piece puzzle spread out on the dining table? This is Christmas morning for your cat. So many textures to roll around in! New objects to sniff, paw, and knead!

Cat owners aren’t necessarily procrastinators, they just can’t get anything finished unless their cat is sufficiently distracted in another room.

9. Toilet paper

Cats like unraveling things and I think they choose toilet paper because they know it’s so important to us.

10. Any object placed precariously close to a ledge.

Cats would be champs at paper football if only they could resist the urge to send teetering objects flying to the ground.


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