Hi! My name is Beebe!

Can we go for a walk? I love walks! Ooooh, and afterward, sign me up for a bath! Baths are the BEST! And then when I’m clean, could we perhaps snuggle? Snuggling is my favorite, because I like to be close to people. I obey the hand signals for sit, lie down, and roll over. My trainer says I’m very smart! I even jump through a hula hoop for treats!

I’m pretty much the perfect pet, but did you know that if you live in Sherwood, North Little Rock, Maumelle, Jacksonville, Lonoke, or many other cities in Arkansas, you can’t adopt me?

You see, it’s because part of my breed is what people call “Pit Bull”, which is short for American Pit Bull Terrier, and a lot of cities think they’re better off without us Pit Bull mixes, but I disagree!

Banning all dogs who look like me, even if they’re very well-behaved and have responsible owners, isn’t fair. Little Rock understands that, which is why someone in Little Rock can adopt me as long as they follow the rules that keep us both safe.

Karen Kelley with her dogs

Karen Kelley, a local dog trainer who has appeared on Animal Planet, owns several Pit Bulls. She says that no dog is born aggressive, but it’s a dog owner’s responsibility to teach us manners.

According to Karen, there are several actions Pit Bull owners must take if they want us to be happy, well-adjusted, friendly companions:

1. Spay/Neuter

Karen says: “Unaltered male dogs that are not able to mate experience frustration and stress, which can and often does lead to aggression.” Whew! It’s a good thing I’m already fixed, so I can avoid those behavior problems! (For a list of low-cost, local spay/neuter clinics, go to the Local Clinics/Events tab on this website.)

2. Walk, Walk, Walk

We Pitties are a high-energy breed, which means we need lots of exercise. Karen recommends two 30-minute walks per day, which benefits both the dog AND the human walker! We could all use a little more exercise, right? Some humans even teach their dogs to walk on treadmills so they don’t have to go on long walks in the snow and rain!

When people think of Pit Bulls, they sometimes worry that we’ll chew up everything in the house or get in fights with other dogs, but if you give us a positive way to release our energy, we won’t be as likely to get in trouble.

3. Take us to school

Obedience school, that is! However, we PB’s have been known to make great therapy dogs, so if you get us the right training, maybe we could go to a human school too!

Taking us to dog school will help us learn to walk on a leash without pulling, obey essential commands, and show us that you’re the one in charge. Karen can help you train (or retrain!) your dog to make it a better family pet. She says her favorite cases are dogs with really big problems, because she loves a challenge! (Her website and contact info are at the bottom of this article.)

Still not convinced that we Pit Bulls can make great family pets? First, watch this video of me showing off how awesome I am, and then browse the websites below for LOTS of information about my breed!

Interested in taking me home with you? Click here to see my profile on Petfinder.

Do you need Karen’s help to train your pooch? Click here to go to her website.

Pit Bull Links

If you have a lot of questions about Pit Bull breeds, start with this FAQ page.

What should you expect from a Pit Bull when you bring one home? Bad Rap has the answers

Could you pick a Pit Bull out of a line-up? Test your skills here.  (Pam’s score was 5)

If you liked this article, you may want to read Sirius Dog Spa’s Top Three Grooming Tips.


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  1. Penny says:

    I know my town has a ban on Pit Bulls. The reason so many people use them for fighting is because they are extremely hardy animals and can survive harsh conditions like the neglect, abuse and lack of protection from the elements that most people who participate in dog fighting force upon their animals. You can make any dog mean, and you can abuse any dog to a point where it will fight other dogs, but to have a dog that will withstand years of ill treatment and still be strong and energetic? It’s the perfect recipe for fighting dogs.

    One of my best friends in grade school had a red nosed pit bull… sweetest dog ever. The day I met is, he came up and kissed my face clean.

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