On Sunday, I traveled to Camden for the South Arkansas Kennel Club Dog Show and Trials. Hundreds of people, along with their dogs, traveled to the Queen City of the Ouachita for the two-day event.

Being unfamiliar myself with dog-show rules and lingo, my goal was to enjoy watching the dogs compete and get some good pictures. My tour guides for the event were a Border Collie named Denali and his mom, Nikki.


Denali is less than two years old, but has already been in 6 competitions. Nikki told me that when a dog is registered with the American Kennel Club, it’s given a long name to make it distinctive. Denali’s registered name is Sporting Fields Northern Lights.

Although Nikki usually handles her own dog in the ring, this time she had a professional dog handler lead Denali in the ring. Her handler, Jerri, was responsible for several other dogs at the show as well.  It wasn’t unusual to see one professional handler showing ten or more dogs.

Jerri and Denali in the ring

Judges awarded points, ribbons, and accolades all day for different categories and competitions, most of which went right over my head, as I am not a dog owner.

However, I had such a great time watching the dogs with their handlers, that I came up with my own awards. So without further ado, the envelope please…

The Diva Award

If this poodle isn’t a mega-star backstage waiting for her curtain, then I don’t know what is.

The AWWWWWWW!!! Award

This Boston Terrier named Lilly stole my heart with her two-legged dancing and sentimental nose-touching with her handler.

Lilly Dancing

Lilly and Handler

The David Bowie Award

Vander, the Chinese Crested

This little guy, a hairless Chinese Crested named Vander, isn’t one to blend in with a crowd! He proudly sports an 80’s ‘do that reminds me of this 80’s icon:

David Bowie

Picture of David Bowie at Listal

Rock on, Vander!

Cutest Dog-Handler Duo

Rock and his handler, Madelyn

Ten-year-old Madelyn showed her long-haired Dachshund named Rock in the Hounds category on Sunday.

Most Regal Award

Pharaoh Hound

With its slender body, regal poise, and powerful, all-knowing stare, this dog could rule a country.

Or, it could always pass as a cat.

Gotta Love That Face Award

This Pug named Barney is certainly not camera-shy! He hammed it up for the camera, showing off that big grin and thoughtfully wrinkled forehead. How could you NOT love this face?

Honorable Mentions



Amazing EZ Glider

If you’re in the Little Rock area, don’t forget to come by UALR on March 24th and 25th for the All-Breed Obedience and Rally Trials. For more information, go to http://littlerockdogtrainingclub.com/.


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  1. Penny says:

    We’re thinking of someday showing Thor (English Bulldog). I think he’d have lots of fun doing it, but he has LOTS of training to go through before he’s well-behaved enough for showing!

    If Z were a true dwarf (she is purebred, but her genetics would disqualify her, as she is a dwarf breed, but does not have the dwarf gene) she would be perfect for show. Her temperament is calm enough for hours at Petco being petted by 50-100 children… shows would be no problem.

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