Sixty-one is a big number.

That’s how many years the Little Rock Dog Training Club has held its annual dog show here in the capital city.

Last weekend, I went to watch 150 dogs compete in Obedience and Rally trials at show number sixty-one at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

It’s strange, walking into a gymnasium full of dogs and not hearing a single bark. That should tell you how well-trained these dogs are. This weekend I saw dogs do things I never thought possible.

The event that amazed me the most was when the dogs demonstrated the “stay” command.

Here’s how it works:

  1.  About eight people walk their dogs on a leash into the ring and line up on one side
  2.  The handlers give their dogs a command to lie down

3. With leashes unhooked, the handlers tell their dogs to “stay”

4. The handlers file out of the ring and walk out of sight for 3-5 minutes

The test is to see if any of the dogs get up during their masters’ absence. Some keep their heads up, on alert…

…and others seem to go to sleep.

It doesn’t matter to the judges whether the dogs are awake or not. They just can’t move forward while their human is gone.

After the allotted time has passed, the handlers file back into the ring, stand beside their dogs, and then give the command to get up.

Not one dog moved while its owner was gone. I was impressed!

Below are the best photos from the 2-day show:

I stayed up WAY too late watching animal planet!

Isabell kisses my photographer and I grab the camera to capture the hilarity

Reggie cuddles with his daddy in between events.

Bo attempts to be a lap dog

This dog seems to be smiling

This dog is in the ring competing

Summer posed so well for me, it was tough to choose which photo of her I liked best.

Melissa, PR for the Little Rock Dog Training Club, holds her dog Joey before an event

Trip, a Lab, holding an article that is used for one of the events.

Luna is an All-American, which means she is a mixed breed. At less than a year old, this is her first show. The AKC opened its doors to mixed-breed dogs just 2 years ago.

Jackson puffed out his chest and looked right at me when he figured out I was taking his picture

Ember has a beautiful ginger coat

What a photogenic, happy little dog!

If you’re interested in training your dog at the Little Rock Dog Training Club, click here.

Want to see more photos from the dog show? Check out our Facebook page.


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