... or a kitten in a basket

Can this sweet kitty crash on your couch for a few weeks?

Kitten season is upon us, which means shelters will take in a lot more kittens than they can hold.

The solution: kitten fostering.

The Little Rock Animal Village is seeking foster homes for kittens who need a place to stay for a few weeks until they are old enough to be adopted.You could have a litter of adorable fluff balls waiting for you when you come home every day!

Note: You are NOT responsible for finding homes for them. LRAV will do that for you. When the kittens are about eight weeks old, you will return them to the shelter to be sterilized and adopted.


Think of all the wonderful moments you could be a part of:

  1.  Watch them sneeze the first time they try to drink from a water bowl.
  2.  Introduce them to plastic jingly balls
  3.  Become a human jungle gym as they climb all over you
  4. Watch the kittens learn to hunt by pouncing on each other. (It’s sooo cute!!)
  5.  Set them up for success by getting them used to being around people.


What is expected of you, the human?

The mama cat does most of the work. Just make sure they have food, water, and litter (kittens learn to use it very quickly!) and they have a safe place to play and nap. The Little Rock Animal Village has a full-time Vet on staff who will take care of all their vaccinations and check-ups. You will also be trained in basic kitten care before you take the little darlings home.

So, are you:

  1.  An empty-nester looking for something to nurture?
  2.  A single guy looking to impress the ladies? (“Wanna come back to my place and see the homeless kittens I’m caring for?”)
  3.  Unemployed with too much time on your hands?
  4.  A young couple wanting to try out their parenting skills?
  5.  Stuck in a boring job and need some variety in your life?

If you’re ready to start your adventure as a kitten foster parent, please contact LRAV’s Cat Lady, Debbie Heller, at debbie.jonunderhill@comcast.net or text to 501-590-9967.


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  1. phosphora says:

    So great to see others writing about fostering! Your photos are phenomenal! Did you take them yourself?

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