Going on a trip and leaving your pet behind?

I know the feeling. This week, my boyfriend and I took an impromptu 2-day excursion to St. Louis to celebrate his finally having two days off in a row.

Even though our roommate Nathan would be home with Capo, I still worried. “What if she thinks we’re not coming back?” I thought. “What if her feline mind thinks we’ve been eaten by predators at the watering hole when we don’t come home at the usual time?”

Jeff had a solution: Set up a webcam facing her favorite window perch and use Jump Desktop to periodically check the webcam during the trip to see what our little cherub was up to.

Jump Desktop is an app that allows you to use your smartphone to access your desktop from anywhere. So, on the six-hour drive up to St. Louis, during the Cardinals game, at the hotel, and at the zoo we could access Jeff’s desktop and look at the webcam feed to see if Capo was using her perch.

It was so reassuring to watch her on live webcam sleeping like an angel, watching the birds outside, or nonchalantly grooming herself. She was going about her days just as if we were there, no anxiety, no big deal.

For step-by-step instructions on how to use Jump Desktop, click here.

If you have to board your pets and would like this webcam service in your pet’s kennel, the following are kennels who offer this service:

Barkingham Acres Kennel– El Dorado, Ar.

Canine Country Club– Roland, Ar.

If you own a kennel and would like to add this service, check out Online Doggy, a service provider. Online Doggy also sells cameras for individual, in-home use.


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