The Apple Store in Little Rock is selling Tagg, the best product out there for keeping up with your dog. If you have a dog who is an “escape artist” or you adopted a dog who was a wanderer in his pre-shelter life, this is a necessity.

Unlike a microchip or a tattoo, this small device you attach to your pet’s collar works like the Garmin in your car. It tracks your pet wherever he goes and will send you a text/email if your pet wanders outside the location you deem appropriate. Then Tagg will give you directions that take you right to him.

Yeah, the initial setup is pricey, but the monthly service is cheaper than Netflix. Most importantly, it will save you the heartache that pet owners go through when their pets go missing and all they can do is pray and post flyers.

Check out the Tagg site at

Need motivation? Check out the Facebook page of the Arkansas Lost and Found Network


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  1. That’s nice.. but Apple is evil. And they always charge too much for everything. Not to speak ill of the dead, but Apple is a cult.

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