(Update: The calendars are now for sale here)

Coming this fall: the 2013 Arkansas Pet Gazette Cute Guys and Kittens Calendar!

Yesterday, we set up at the Humane Society of Pulaski County for our first shoot. These kittens were very docile and easy to work with, thank god. Shooting cats can be like nailing jello to the wall!

Pick your favorite photos and list your favorites in the comments!










Aren’t they adorable? The red-headed one is single, ladies!

Please leave a comment listing your favorites. This will help us decide which photos to use for the calendar.

Cute Guys and Kittens: Take Two

Cuteness in Three Easy Steps

Is That a Cat on Your Shoulder?

The Calendars Are Coming!


5 responses »

  1. rodger says:

    ryan 2 is my favorite pic. the kitten seems happy about the situation.

  2. ALL OF THEM!!!! OMG what ADORABLE pictures!!!

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