Arkansas Pet Gazette was on the scene at Little Rock’s 2012 Greek Food Festival Friday night. It’s the largest ethnic festival in the state, featuring dance performances, delicious Greek food, tours of the Greek Orthodox Church, and lots of vendors selling art, jewelry, and hand-carved wooden toys.

I searched high and low without finding any live animals. I guess no one thought their dogs would like gyros?

I did, however, spot pet-themed items for sale that I know you’ll love.

A ceramic dog and cat

A beautiful dog painting

This woman is holding a dog ornament

I thought the turtle was especially cute

The Golden Cockerel company was there selling their nesting dolls made in Russia. This cat caught my eye.

I met artist Bryan Sink, who specializes in painting dog portraits. You can check out his work at

The festival continues Saturday and Sunday. I highly recommend this free event, and especially the long tables filled with pastries made from scratch by church members. My dessert of choice was the chocolate baklava, my favorite!

If I ever open up a dog treat shop, I’m going to make a canine-friendly version and call it “barklava” .

Get it?



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  1. barb19 says:

    I love the name if you ever open a dog treat shop “barklava” – it’s brilliant, very inventive!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

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