I was browsing uncommongoods.com and found a lot of pet themed products that you will want to know about!

Uncommon Goods is a different sort of online store with a lot of environmentally friendly, recycled, and handmade items.

1. Custom Pet Nose Print Necklace 

Yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like. And it’s expensive. But check out the pictures! It’s SO cute! 

2.  Sandy Paws Print Kit

This is a kit you use to make a plaster impression of your pet’s paw print, which you can then hang from the Christas tree or the mantle or what have you. At $12.00, it’s a cheap and fun project!

3. Bad Dog Tumblers

Let’s face it, not every dog is going to fetch the paper. If your canine does what he wants when he wants, these glasses are for you! Each glass in a set of four has a simple, whimsical cartoon of a dog openly disobeying a basic command. Very funny and reasonably priced!

4. Crocheted Black Cat Headphones

Great for a fun-loving cat person! At $40, a little pricey but they are handmade and the artist has a great replacement policy if you encounter any problems.

5. Pet Windchimes

Choose from either a dog or cat design, these sheet metal renditions of our favorite pets are lighthearted and fun. The colorful glass with a fish shape for cats and a bone shape for dogs will look nice hanging on someone’s porch or in a garden. Pricing is about what you’d expect at $36.



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