Puppy in a box

Advocating for animal adoption is a lot like the American Romantic Comedy.

You prepare, wait, and hope until FINALLY the big event happens. In a romantic comedy, the couple says “I do” or kisses for the first time.  In the case of animal rescue, a homeless animal goes to be with its forever family. Everyone goes home happy!

We call it a “happy ending”, but really it’s the beginning of a whole new story. If you’ve ever wondered what happens in the months and years after a pet finds his forever family, you will want to read the article series I’m starting today.

The first story I’ll tell is Angie’s.

It all started when Angie’s kids (age eight and thirteen) started begging for a dog. Their family had never adopted a pet before, but they had seen commercials on TV promoting shelter adoption and decided to go by the Humane Society of Pulaski County to look around. Angie and her husband went without the kids because, “My son has a big heart and he would be so upset that we couldn’t take all the animals home, so it was best for us to look without the kids.”

They stayed for two hours, going from kennel to kennel. The last one they looked at was a mixed breed puppy with a long tail named Lexi. Angie’s husband was smitten with the shy girl. The longer they played, the surer he became that this was The One.

Etta’s first day with her new family!

When they took her home, Angie said, the puppy they renamed Etta was so skittish, she cowered when the wind blew. It didn’t take her long to come out of her shell, though.

Etta is now four months old, having spent one of those months in Angie’s home. She has her own blanket and pillow and all the family’s attention since she’s the only pet.

Angie describes Etta as extremely loyal and sweet. “If I go to the kitchen to wash my hands or something, she will lay on my feet while I’m standing at the sink. She follows me everywhere.”

At first, Angie was a little apprehensive about adopting a dog with an unknown breed because she was worried that aggression would surface later on, “But,” she tells me, “so far so good!”

Etta in the car

Etta in bed

What a lucky dog! Angie, thank you for adopting!

Coming up next: Whatever happened to Beebe, the pit bull mix?


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