Back in February, I wrote about a pitbull mix named Beebe, so named because someone threw him over the fence into the backyard of the governor’s mansion.

While in his foster home with Out of the Woods, he learned to obey hand signals and jump through a hoop. Even with these skills under his belt, Beebe remained in foster care for almost a year before a young man named Chris saw his photo.

Chris tells it like this: “I was working at the country club and my boss got an email with Beebe’s photo. He showed me the picture and I instantly wanted him.”

This was to be Chris’s first time to adopt a pet, although he had owned several Pit Bulls before. After checking with his landlord, he brought Beebe home. Beebe is the only pet in the house where he is potty trained, kennel trained, and continues to learn more commands from Chris.

Check out these photos of Beebe in his new home:

Beebe’s adoption can teach us a few things about hard-to-place breeds like bully breeds. The odds were stacked against him with many counties in Arkansas banning Pit mixes and still countless others who aren’t too trusting of the breed because of ingrained beliefs about these breeds. Out of the Woods has their work cut out for them.

First, OOTW spent a lot of time and energy on training Beebe to be a good house dog. A trainer worked with him while in foster care to teach him to respond to hand signals. He was also evaluated by several trainers to see how he responded to other dogs and people.

Once the rescue organization figured out Beebe’s needs and what Beebe had to offer, they took good photos and wrote an excellent profile for him on Petfinder. They even went the extra mile and uploaded multiple videos of Beebe showing off his newly found skills.

It took a while, but Out of the Woods didn’t give up on finding Beebe a forever family. They kept spreading the word until the right person found him.  Good job, Out of the Woods!

Thank you for adopting, Chris!

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  1. Can you tell us more about this? I’d love to find out more details.

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