This morning, a rescue attempt was made by the maintenance crew at Forest Place apartments, but they couldn’t find the cats.

This afternoon, after a lot of facebook shares and phone calls, FURR got the fire marshall’s consent to set humane traps for the cats on their owner’s balconies.

FURR jumped into action, providing four brand new traps stocked with rotisserie chicken and catnip and I watched the maintenance crew carry the traps to the balcony.

We have the full cooperation of Forest Place Apartments as we wait for the cats to walk into the traps. FURR has located a foster home where the cats will stay until the owner can relocate permanently. FURR has also offered to cover the vet care and bathing these cats will need when we get them out.

I want to thank my readers who shared this story via email and facebook and who made phone calls that launched this story into the city director’s office.

Page views were at an all-time high today. Facebook was blowing up with supporters who took the time to nag all the right people until this thing got done. Thank you, all.

Especially thanks to FURR, Forbidden Hillcrest, the Little Rock Fire Marshall, Channel 4 News, and Forest Place Apartments for their cooperation.

Channel Four News carried our story and interviewed me and Ms. Betty:

Let’s cross our fingers and await the return of Sylvester and Sebastian!



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  1. this is a great feline article , i just wish were longer. Find pet food online

    • Pam Cameron says:

      I’m working on a longer, more detailed article about the rescue, and when life settles down I will post it. I lost my apt in the fire as well so I’ve been on a posting hiatus until I have the time to do it right. Thank you for your patience!

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